Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do we have a race?

I would say yes, I do have a race.

I think I was given a race, more then choosing to have one. We talked about how Winnie said people are different. Africans are different then African Americans, which i found to be VERY true. I feel like most other races are the ones who are making us feel like we have a race. Now I am not racist by any means, and do not feel that I have to be different towards people. At times though, it is that people make me feel out of place because I am white. I did not choose to be white.

I am not racist though. I love seeing mixed races getting along. I'm not much for controversy, and find joy in people getting along! :)


Ollie said...

That's really deep Shauna. You really get down to the heart of humanity and the basic imoral principals of racism. You rocked my world.

Cody Dederich said...

It's true that even though most of us fight against racism, we still see the that there ARE differences between our races. You're right when you say that these are the differences that make us stand out.

Sami said...

I agree with you that there is a difference between Africans and African Americans. Not only in their history and their journey to America but also their perceptions in the media. Nice post Shauna!

Katie B. said...

This is really good. You got down to the basic things people feel about race in a short post. I think everything you said is completely true. Especially the last little bit.